At Indulgent Wellbeing we believe that it often takes a team of people to best serve our clients. The Indulgent Wellbeing philosophy is to always address all aspects of your health.  If we discover an underlying issue that could be better served by a collaborating practitioner, then we will refer you to the appropriate modality. We are also happy to work with a wide range of health care providers and encourage you to choose a practitioner that best supports you.


Below are some of our wonderful collaborating practitioners and I encourage you to get to know them.

Natajsa Wagner

Natajsa is a Clinical Psychotherapist in Ashgrove, Brisbane working with individuals, couples and groups. Natajsa believe’s that the relationship we have with ourselves and others is the essential ingredient to our emotional health, happiness and wellbeing. Her focus is on helping people develop self-awareness and understanding of our challenges, so we can create change that leads to more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Natajsa has been featured as an expert both locally and internationally and has contributed to a number of print and online media outlets including Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine & ABC Online.


Kerry Jeffs

Kerry Jeffs, Personal Trainer since 2008 with a Cert IV and Diploma in Weight Management, changed careers in her early 40’s after discovering how empowering it was to regain health and fitness after spending years raising a family and running a business.  Becoming a solo mum around the same time, she wanted to empower her 3 daughters with resilience and knowledge of health and fitness.  Her infatuation to learn more about rehabilitation, nutrition and psychology continued her education over the next 8 years.  The realization that the ‘fitness industry’ did however encourage some unhealthy behaviours in both men and women was not what she wanted to be a part of.   From this came the idea to create Cloud 9 Boutique Fitness Studio.  A women’s fitness facility in Sandgate Brisbane that promotes #Bodypositivity, with small rooms designed for personal attention, privacy and encouragement.  A place where women who wanted to start exercising or had body image issues, could feel supported and safe with a personal trainer on hand, no mirrors or competing for space.

Francisco Prata Lay

I was born in Timor Leste and migrated to Australia in 1982. Professionally, I have worked in different industries and due to health reasons, I started my naturopathic journey for the sake of my health and a career change in my profession. It has been an eye opener since the beginning, and I’m still learning the wonders of natural medicine. I completed my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy with Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS). I enjoyed it so much that I continued to deepen my knowledge with Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) by taking the Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Now a different direction of my journey begins. As a Naturopath, I’m passionate to bring this naturopathic knowledge to the broad public to help them improve and enjoy a good quality life.