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"Treating the person, not just the symptoms, through naturopathic principles, nutritional medicine and counselling." - Alison Jones

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About My Approach

My name is Alison Jones, as an investigative Clinical Nutritionist and natural therapy practitioner, my mission is to understand and address the root cause of the condition presented to me.  The majority of my clients have been to see many health care professionals in the past including Nutritionists or Naturopaths with little or no success.  Too often we treat what we see and don't look deeper to understand the underlying reason.

My Services

All consultations are conducted via Zoom or phone.  I recommend that you choose a time and location where you will be uninterrupted and feel comfortable to speak your truth.

Pre-Consultation Chat

This is a quick chat for people who are considering booking an Initial Consultation and are looking at working with me to aid them with their health concerns. It is important to me that you feel comfortable with my approach and have confidence in my ability to assist you.


Initial Consultation

In the consultation we review all of your body systems in depth and delve into your symptoms with the aim of understanding and addressing the cause. Prior to the appointment I suggest that you take the time to reflect on your past medical history and have a list of any medications or supplements that you are currently taking. These include both prescribed and over the counter products. I will be taking the time to listen to your story with compassion and understanding. I will then provide you with recommendations specific to your particular situation with dietary interventions and therapeutic dose supplementation if required.

Allow up to 2 hours.


Follow up Consultation

Review the treatment plan and your goals to make sure we are on the right track. Review any test results or pathology results as required.

Allow 1 hour.


30 Minute Phone Consultation Pathology Advice

For those of you that wish to discuss and possibly order an antibody test.  I will explain all of your options so that you are fully informed and are ordering the right test for you.


30 Minute Follow Up Phone Consultation

This consultation is designed to get updates on pathology results, review your current plan and make quick changes or to keep you motivated.



Sometimes we just need to talk things through and be heard.  Other times we need help with motivation or unravelling our day to day lives.  This is your time to say whatever is on your mind and be assured that I will listen with kindness and understanding.

Allow 1 hour.


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