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Decadent Chocolate Fudge Slice

My last blog was all about Blackstrap Molasses and the health benefits compared to refined cane sugar. Since then I have been asked how it can be added to the daily diet. A number of people have said that it is the perfect accompaniment to coffee. I don't have sugar in coffee myself but I have desperately been trying to wean my husband off it, so he became the guinea pig. Now he is very fussy with his coffee and doesn't like change but I am happy to say that he didn't mind the taste at all, especially when compared to Stevia which he just will not touch. You can substitute Blackstrap Molasses for any recipe that requires brown sugar; it is wonderful in homemade baked beans and barbeque sauce, absolutely divine dribbled over the top of natural yoghurt or as a sweetener in smoothies. If you have any other suggestions let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Now let’s move on to the recipe for the Decadent Chocolate Fudge Slice that you can see in the image. I am very grateful to the person that shared this recipe with me, chocolate is one of my weaknesses and this just hits the spot. It looks naughty, it tastes naughty, but that’s where the naughtiness ends and the goodness begins. It is packed with important vitamins and minerals, wheat free and refined sugar free but full of flavour.

The one thing I will mention that I haven't baked with before is the Banana Flour. Made from green bananas it is not only gluten free, but is a resistant starch. This means that it travels all the way through your digestive system and becomes nourishment for the good bacteria in the gut.

Decadent Chocolate Fudge Slice

120g Grass Fed Organic Butter

1 Egg

50g of 70-95% Dark Chocolate

2 Lady Finger Bananas (ripe) 60g Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses

140g Banana Flour

1/2 Tspn Himalayan or Ceylon salt

1/2 Tspn Nutmeg, freshly grated or ground

Heat oven to 175 degrees, fan forced. Line a slice tin with baking paper.

Combine butter, egg and melted dark chocolate and mix well. If you have a Thermomix, mix on speed 2 for 4-6 minutes at 70 degrees, until everything is melted and mixed in.

Add mashed bananas, flour, salt and nutmeg and mix well. For Thermomix users just add the bananas whole and mix on speed 4 for 30 seconds until well combined.

Pour into your slice tin and bake for 30 minutes. Allow to cool in the tin. Slice and serve, and yes it does freeze well. I have added some double dollop cream and blueberries. Yum! *Have made this a few times and have added a cup of frozen raspberries along with the bananas which was delicious. I have also added a couple of tablespoons of espresso for a coffee flavour.

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