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Nutrition and Mental Health

Treating those with anxiety and depression with counselling is an absolute must but so is supporting them nutritionally. By addressing the chemical pathways that make our neurotransmitters and providing the body with all of the nutrients that it needs to function at an optimal level results will follow.

There is a lovely email below from a client’s husband after only two consultations. The trauma that this beautiful woman has been through along with the extremely high doses of medication over a very long period of time was so upsetting I had to leave the office after seeing her. I have heard some terrible stories in my time but this one really got to me.

“Hi Alison, thanks for your kindness and concern for Lyn on Thursday. She actually came home with a positive attitude for once and some genuine hope that things would improve for her.

She has been religiously doing her relaxing breathing since walking out your door and can feel it making a difference. We have only had three days of supplements, but almost immediately she has not been so dependent on her meds and she has needed only half what she was on previously. Well even less than half really. At her worst she was taking 10mg of Alprazolam and 1000mg of Seroquel, but she has had no more than 4.5 and 450 for each of the past 4 days, and even that amount was largest today because of a stressful situation with her sister and a bit of a panic about cleaning up for a visit from a friend.

We have stopped Ketamine outright as well, as Lyn was on a relatively miniscule dose every second day. So far so good, but she feels a lot better in herself and feels like her body is effectively expelling the toxins. Thanks again Alison and we’ll stay in touch with any news.

Best Dave”

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of my client. It is important to note that this client is under the care of a Psychiatrist who is managing the levels of her medication. We have a very long way to go but I encourage you to seek nutritional advice from a qualified Clinical Nutritionist if you have any mental health condition. You will be surprised at the difference that it can make, this was only after 3 days.

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