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Meet Francisca – No Answers

This beautiful woman so full of life and so frustrated with a system that couldn’t help her. There appeared to be no answers for the symptoms that she was experiencing, only more questions. When I started to get to know Francisca and appreciate her generous nature, her passion for her friends and family, the way she embraced her culture and food, I saw someone who was not able to live the life that she was meant to live. It was like she was afraid of being herself as it might exacerbate her symptoms. There was fear attached to exercise as it might cause a heart attack, there was fear attached to food as it led to pain and bloating. This was a young mother who was not living the life that she wanted to live as no-one could give her answers she so desperately desired.

Thankfully I had seen this before and sent Francisca off for more blood work, because she hadn’t had enough already. Her results confirmed that she had the MTHFR gene, not just one but two of them. This particular type causes increased levels of homocysteine in the body which puts the patient at a higher risk of a cardiovascular event which is exactly what happened to Francisca. Imagine being only 37 years old and being rushed to hospital because it looks like you’re having a heart attack? You have a husband, two young children and a job that you love. You want to get better but the medical system doesn’t know what to tell you other than ‘Live your Life’. How can you do that with confidence when your family needs you?

The good news is that when we identify this gene mutation, we can fix it with some simple dietary changes and supplementation which is exactly what we did for Francisca. She is now confidently doing cardiovascular exercise again at the gym, she has more energy and she looks just amazing. That beautiful glow is back in her skin and the smile on her face is magical. My beautiful Mexican angel, you light up the room as soon as you walk in. Thank you for allowing me to help you.

*Disclaimer – This article was written with the client’s permission; personal details have been altered to protect her privacy. Francisca hopes that by sharing her story it will inspire others to reach out and obtain the help they need to improve their quality of life.

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