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The Untapped Power of Mushrooms

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

In a world programmed to think that healing the body is via a capsule, whether it be pharmaceutical or nutraceutical we have become removed from the powerful benefits of whole foods. When we take a ‘pill’ we are ingesting either a synthetic concoction or the isolated nutrient that has been shown to have a positive or negative affect on one pathway in the body. What we are missing out on are the synergistic nutrients, fibre, and chemicals that nature provides in that food. All these elements work together in the body allowing us to better absorb and utilise the nutrients within.

One of the most powerful food varieties provided by nature are mushrooms. If you do eat mushrooms, you are likely most familiar with those available in the grocery store, usually Button or Swiss Browns, but there are many other varieties available that have their own specific well studied benefits that have been used in natural medicine for thousands of years. Mother nature knows her stuff, it’s time we listened.

Lion’s Mane:

Most known for its benefits for mental clarity and focus but provides far more than that.

- Brain inflammation and regeneration, metal health particularly anxiety and depression

- Cognitive impairment and decline such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis

- Inflammation of the digestive tract, peptic ulcers, imbalance of bacteria in the gut and immune dysfunction

- Also aids with metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.


One of the most underutilised mushrooms around:

- Helps the body recover from illness, improves immune system function

- Increases energy levels, even improves athletic performance

- Powerful lung, liver and kidney tonic

- Incredible adaptogen which means it brings the body back into

balance helping you cope and recover from stress, anxiety and fatigue

- Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment

- Reduces the effects of aging


The calming mushroom but what else does it give us?

- Like Lion’s Mane it also helps with Alzheimer’s and gastric ulcers

- Reduces the effects of aging

- Cancer and cancer related fatigue including chronic fatigue

- Immune system booster, beneficial for HIV, HPV, Hep B and Herpes both cold sores and shingles

- Helps with blood pressure

- Lung conditions including asthma and bronchitis

Have I convinced you to try out these wonderous foods yet? Don’t be afraid to substitute them in any dish that would call for mushrooms, you will be doing yourself a great service. Whole organic foods are not just a source of fuel but the basis of good health.

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