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  • Alison J

Swap It, Don't Drop It

One of the biggest mistakes we make when embarking on a journey to improve our health, is that we tend to deny ourselves of all the things that we enjoy in life. As soon as we start to take away those things that bring us pleasure then we attach a negative response to the process.

Let me give you an example. One of those simple pleasures in your day is your morning cup of coffee with some chocolate. Why would you want to deny yourself that pleasure? You relax, destress, take time for yourself and it’s something you really look forward to. Taking that away will only serve to make you grumpy and irritable. So, what do you do? Let’s assume for this example that it’s the chocolate that you were taking away. Find an alternative, what about sugar free chocolate, or a homemade raw chocolate slice using dates instead of sugar, or chocolate with a high cocoa content? Suddenly your morning ritual is intact and there is no negativity attached to this pleasure.

When you continue to deny yourself then your likelihood of success is diminished considerably as no-one wants to continue living a lifestyle that is too restrictive. So, swap it, don’t drop it!

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