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Small Changes Quick Results – Meet Sofia

When Sofia walked into my office the first thing I noticed about her was her beauty underlined with sadness and frustration. Sofia relocated from Spain to Australia after marrying a wonderful Australian soldier, she is happy in her marriage, with a wonderful job but she is suffering. She has struggled with digestive issues for most of her life but since coming to Australia four years ago those symptoms have worsened considerably. Imagine looking forward to going out to dinner for your birthday then having to leave your own celebration because you are in so much pain you can hardly walk. Even when she was well, her stomach was hard to the touch and bloated, so much so that this slim attractive women regularly had to unbutton her jeans for some relief.

We talked, and Sofia bravely shared with me the story of her life. Thanks to her trust in me and her bravery, patterns started to emerge and I was able to obtain a clear picture of her situation and match the symptoms to her story. Now Sofia had also undergone many blood tests, pelvic ultrasounds and even a colonoscopy with no diagnosis. How do you treat something that doesn’t exist?

I catalogued her symptoms, I analysed her blood work without prejudice looking for nutrient deficiencies and possible causes, I mapped all of my findings, researched her life, investigated my suspicions and presented her with a treatment plan. I expect that it may take her a number of months to return to wellness, but after just three weeks we saw a significant improvement. Her energy levels were up, her stress levels had reduced, her concentration levels had vastly improved, and best of all her pain and bloating had diminished. On the day of the appointment Sofia had a flat stomach with no pain and no bloating, amazing. This all sounds very wonderful, but we do still have a long way to go and it is likely we will have a couple of backward steps along the way.

What did we do? Every person is different and requires a different treatment plan and approach. I made personalised adjustments to her diet, addressed the nutrient deficiencies that were apparent in her blood work and through the consultation process, gave her the tools to address the stressors in her life, and provided her with therapeutic dose nutritional therapy. Hopefully I also gave her a voice, a safe place to be heard and to feel that she was valued with real symptoms that needed addressing.

Treatment is in stages and I always give my clients short, medium, and long-term goals that we can work towards together. Sofia is well on the way and I am so proud of her.

If you are ready to make a change in your life and get yourself well message me to book a consultation and let’s get started. Book a free pre-consult chat or a full consultation.

*Disclaimer – This article was written with the client’s permission; personal details have been altered to protect her privacy. Sofia hopes that by sharing her story it will inspire others to reach out and obtain the help they need to improve their quality of life.

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